JUMP: A new educational approach to learning!

Revolutionising the Way Children Learn!

Welcome to JUMP – more than just an educational method, it’s a holistic approach that completely transforms how children initially engage with the English language. Rooted in the synthetic phonics method taught in British primary schools as the primary approach to writing and reading, JUMP has two primary objectives:

– To empower young learners to become proficient English readers from an early age.

– To achieve this milestone in a remarkably short period.

With JUMP, children learn to distinguish and utilise different “sounds” (phonemes) of letters and letter groups, without necessarily having to know all the letters in alphabetical order. They acquire skills in “decoding” both individual letters of the English alphabet and groups of letters. The JUMP educational approach focuses on systematically teaching the sounds of the English language (Phonics) that bear the hallmark of the British National Curriculum. Its goal is the swift and effective development of reading and writing skills.

Discover the World of English with JUMP!

Immerse your child in an engaging and effective method endorsed by the British National Curriculum. Unlock their potential in reading and writing in record time with JUMP!