The world becomes more beautiful when you can communicate with someone in their mother tongue! At Bourtsoukli Language Centre we are aware of that and this is why the family of languages taught at our school grew more by teaching Russian!


Discover Why!


· Russia and Greece share many things through the centuries, like a common religion and history.

· The knowledge of the Russian language is the key that will open the treasury of Russian culture and help you understand its true value.

· The Russian language is a rich and very beautiful language that has many similarities to Greek, especially in the structure of grammar and syntax, which facilitates Greek students in their effort to learn Russian.

· Knowledge of the Russian language is essential for admission to the Russian Universities and, as it is known, they have consistently maintained world leadership in the quality of education in all faculties.

· It is common knowledge that Greek-Russian economic relations have been developing in the last few years and have now covered most sectors of the Greek economy such as tourism, real estate, energy, agriculture and so on. The volume of trade between Greece and Russia has risen steadily over the last few years and is steadily rising.

· More and more Russians choose Greece as a tourist destination. According to the statistics of the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism, 2013 is the biggest increase in arrivals of Russian tourists in Greece, which will reach 20% and is expected to account for about 1.2 million tourists.

· Russian is the language of the 2014 Winter Olympics (Sochi)

· In the last two years Russian businessmen bought 30% of the best properties in the coastal zone of Attica.

· The Russian language is an official language of 7 states of the former Soviet Union.

· Russian is spoken by 150 million Russians. More than 260,000 million people speak Russian around the world.

· According to the Eurobarometer survey (1997) in the 34 countries of Western, Eastern and Central Europe, Russian is the main language of communication for 34% of the residents of the countries concerned.

· The steady growth rate of the Russian Federation’s economy is 8.6% and is constantly being modernized in all sectors.