International Artist Day

Art has been an important part of the human experience for time out of mind, the first records of the world are not written in books, but are captured in paintings, sculptures, and music that helps to paint a picture of world lost to the past.

Whether it’s revealing a style of dress worn in a period by the clothing worn in the painting, or the slight heresy’s hidden in some of the world’s most religious works, art can reveal a hidden or lost side of us to the present.

Learn about International Artist Day

International Artists Day honors those creative souls that will leave a record of today for the future that can’t be captured in history books. The anguish and joy of the human soul is portrayed through the haunting tones of a melody, the violence and fury caught in a photograph, or the serene gaze of a statue staring off into eternity.

International Artist Day has been created so that we can celebrate the incredible world of art and all of the amazing and creative work that artists around the world carry out. We should all take a moment to reflect on the incredible impact that art has had on us and the world around us. This does not only relate to paintings. After all, there are so many different forms of art, ranging from sculpture to drawing.

It takes a special type of person to be an artist. This is a person that thinks outside of the box. An artist is naturally creative and they usually see things from a different perspective. The work that they produce is outstanding, and for those of us who don’t have a creative bone in our bodies, we can really appreciate their talents!

History of International Artist Day

International Artist Day was founded by Chris MacClure, a Canadian artist who specializes in the style known as ‘Romantic Realism’. His paintings were a way to bring out his own “Romantic Realist” views on life, and have served to make him one of Canada’s most important artists. He created this day to bring recognition to the world of art, and to celebrate all the ways that artists bring their own special view to life.

How to celebrate International Artist Day

The best way to celebrate International Artist Day is to support your local artists, most communities have a local art community that encompass the unique personality of both the community they live in, and the personality of that artist. If you’ve been looking for something to spruce up your living room or bedroom, then head out and find a unique piece that will bring life and personality to your home.

Maybe you’ve had your eye on a painting or sculpture, or feel that your garden could use sprucing up with a one of a kind wind-chime. Whatever the case, International Artist Day is the time to get out and bring a little beauty into your home. If you’re the creative sort, IAD can be an excuse to finally get back to your craft and bring something personal into your life through artistic expression.

Museums and Art Galleries can be another way to celebrate this day, and many of these offer classes in the creative arts. So visit your local artistic establishments, and maybe enroll in something to add a new skill of self-expression to your life. IAD is a great time to celebrate existing artists, and the artist that exists within all of us.

While this is a day of celebration, one way that you can also support artists is by helping them to recover artwork that has been stolen. Plus, artists should take the required steps in order to protect their work, such as adding it to the Art Database Registry. At a high level, art is a lucrative industry, and this can result in artists being targeted. This is an incredibly upsetting thing for just about any artist or private collector, particularly if the artwork is precious, rare, or holds particular significance. 

Many individuals steal pieces of art so they can sell it on to gain profit, and, fortunately, these individuals are a lot simpler to locate than fanatics looking to lock up the artwork for themselves. This is because there will be a trail. The trace appears because the criminals are certainly going to sell the artwork to dealers and collectors, either directly or via auction houses. 

These days, art businesses and customers know about art theft and that it is a huge issue, plus they wish to be sure they are not purchasing something that is reported as lost or stolen. That is why they’re going to carry out background checks and due diligence. They’ll enter in the particulars of the artwork they’ve been offered to ensure it doesn’t have a suspicious history. Should the information appear on the Art Loss register, they are going to report it and take the required measures to ensure it’s returned to its rightful owner. This emphasizes why it’s crucial to feature your artwork on a stolen artwork database. 

Another way to celebrate International Artists Day is by taking the time to learn about some of the most famous artists. This includes the likes of Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh. A lot of these artists have interesting backstories and you can take a look at the incredible pieces of work that they have created online. You can also spend some time finding out more about artists that are not as well-known too. 

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