Why choose us

At Bourtsoukli Language school, we offer high – quality educational programmes designed to satisfy and show respect to our students’ needs according to CEF creating the appropriate learning environment which will benefit all learners of different multiple intelligences and offer the best possible learning experience for them and their teachers.

Our primary concern is to constantly upgrade our educational programmes and keep abreast with relevant issues utilising new and innovative methods in the field of language learning.

We believe…

– All students can learn
– Our priority is developing responsible, lifelong learners
– Appropriate opportunities for success are essential
– High expectations encourage high achievement
– Students learn in an environment that is safe, comfortable and conducive to learning
– Students learn where there is a cooperative effort from students, teachers, staff and parents.
– Students learn in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches and assessment.
– It is important that teachers and students establish and uphold basic principles which inform everything that happens in the learning environment.
– In education which enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life.
– That the classroom is a space of endless imaginative possibilities.
– In inviting students to assess themselves and each other
– That each student if supported and encouraged appropriately has the potential to learn effectively.