Why choose us

At Bourtsoukli Language School, our aim is to provide exceptional educational programs that cater to our students’ individual needs while honoring their diverse talents. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and conducive learning environment that benefits learners of all cognitive abilities, ensuring the best possible learning experience for both students and educators.

Our foremost commitment revolves around continuously enhancing our educational programs to remain aligned with the Common European Framework (CEF) and stay updated with current educational trends. We strive to employ new and innovative methods in the field of language learning to offer cutting-edge educational experiences.

We strongly believe that:

  • Every student can learn and succeed.
  • Fostering responsible, lifelong learners is our primary goal.
  • Providing appropriate opportunities for success is crucial for student growth.
  • Setting high expectations leads to high achievements.
  • Students thrive in a safe, comfortable, and supportive learning environment.
  • Collaboration among students, teachers, staff, and parents is vital for effective learning.
  • Students learn through diverse learning styles.
  • Establishing and upholding fundamental principles guide our learning environment.
  • Emphasizing education enhances students’ ability to learn continuously throughout their lives.
  • Imagination knows no bounds within the classroom.
  • Encouraging self-assessment and peer assessment is beneficial among students.
  • Each student, when appropriately supported and encouraged, has the potential to learn effectively.

At Bourtsoukli Language School, we are committed to nurturing a supportive and dynamic educational environment that fosters academic excellence, creativity, and lifelong learning skills in our students.