ICT Tools

The purpose of this course is to introduce teachers, educators and school staff on best practices and concrete ways to integrate new technologies into teaching and make education more fascinating and motivating. Through new tools and activities and emphasis on learning-by-doing methodology teachers improve their digital competency and develop ICT skills to be used in the classroom.

Course Overview

Nowadays, there is an upward trend integrating ICT into teaching and training. ICT has become integral to the teaching-learning interaction, through establishment of interactive digital whiteboards, using students’ tablets or their own smartphones, for learning during class time and adopting the “flipped classroom” model in the learning process. This course aims at raising awareness on the importance of integrating ICT in education and it will give participants an opportunity to explore and empower their digital literacy and skills in the classroom.

Course Learning Outcomes

This structural course allows participants to improve their ICT skills through learning tools for collaboration, instructional strategies and curriculum design together with other teachers from all Europe exchanging best practices and experiences. Using a flexible approach the course is intended to adapt the learning outcomes to the particular needs and ICT skills of the participants. Taking part in this ICT training course the participant will understand and build ICT/Digital education culture in their schools. 

Thanks to this course the participants will:

  • Get to recognise the important of ICT in education
  • Get an overview of the most important new technologies and of the growing trend of integrating ICT into education
  • Learn the basic concepts of distance, e-learning and flipped classroom
  • Learn how to increase basic ICT skills and the use of ICT in pedagogical settings. 
  • Get to know the best apps, web platforms and ICT solution for teachers and education staff
  • Learn how to use ICT tools to make teaching more engaging, motivating and innovative. 
  • Learn how to demonstrate the ability to continue learning about new technologies applicable into classroom, adapting to new and varied student needs
  • Exchange best practices and share experiences with participants throughout Europe
  • Get to use ICT for effective and appropriate communication
  • Improve Foreign language communication skills through meeting with colleagues from different countries


1st Day

  • Participant arrival
  • Getting to know each other
  • Walking tour in the town
  • sort induction to the programme

2nd Day

  • What is ICT
  • Integrating ICT into education
  • Use of ICT in schools/colleges (Examples and Use Cases)
  • Create outstanding multimedia content. an engaging video with Adobe Spark or PowToon.
  • Induction to virtual whiteboard (miro.com)
  • Using Google Classroom with Explain Everything Whiteboard

3rd Day

  • Fun and effective tools to impress the audience.
  • Interactive presentation with Prezi or Ment????
  • How to include quizzes into lesson plan
  • PW: Quizzlet, Kahoot (creating and running a digital learning group game)
  • Use gamification in your classroom

4th Day

  • ICT Tools for effective classroom management
  • Hands-on exercises in creating animated slideshows
  • Creating your personal website or a blog
  • Padlet: as a social learning community

5th Day

  • iLearn, blended learning and flipped classroom
  • Creating an e-learning classroom page
  • How to create a lesson around a video (questions and discussion)
  • Using tablets in the classroom

6th Day

  • Social media in education (jbcnschool.edu.in)
  • Additional ICT tools, apps that can be used in teaching and education
  • Benefits of SM for education 
  • 12 ways to use SM for education (sproutsocial.com)
  • Tap and Talk – the pen that talks
  • Use a Facebook Page to broadcast
  • Use a Facebook Group to stream live lectures
  • Use Twitter as a class message board
  • Use Instagram for photo essays
  • Create a class blog for discussions
  • Assign blog posts as essays 
  • Social media links on your school website. Share school events and photos

7th Day

  • Course roundup, feedback and final evaluation
  • Discussion of future cooperation and planning, time for questions
  • Learning outcomes and certification ceremony
  • ICT and innovative technologies