ICT Tools

ICT Tools Course

Our ICT Tools course is designed to equip teachers, educators, and school staff with practical strategies to integrate modern technologies into teaching methods, making education more engaging and motivating. Through hands-on activities and a focus on learning-by-doing methodologies, educators enhance their digital competency, allowing them to apply these skills effectively within the classroom.

Course Overview

The integration of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) into teaching has become increasingly prominent. From interactive digital whiteboards to utilising students’ tablets or smartphones for learning, this course aims to elevate awareness about ICT’s significance in education. Participants will have the opportunity to explore and enhance their digital literacy and classroom skills through this course.

Learning Outcomes

This comprehensive course enables participants to improve their ICT skills by learning collaborative tools, instructional strategies, and curriculum designs alongside educators from across Europe. Emphasising flexibility, the course tailors learning outcomes to match participants’ specific needs and ICT proficiencies. Engaging in this ICT training will help participants foster an ICT/Digital education culture within their schools.

By attending this course, participants will:

  • Recognise the importance of ICT in education
  • Gain insight into key new technologies and their integration into education
  • Understand concepts of distance learning, e-learning, and the flipped classroom model
  • Enhance basic ICT skills and their application in pedagogical settings
  • Discover the best apps, web platforms, and ICT solutions for educators
  • Implement ICT tools to create more engaging, motivating, and innovative teaching methods
  • Demonstrate the ability to continue learning about new technologies adaptable to diverse student needs
  • Exchange best practices and experiences with peers across Europe
  • Utilise ICT for effective and appropriate communication
  • Improve foreign language communication skills through collaboration with colleagues from various countries

Programme Highlights


1st Day

  • Participants arrive
  • Ice-breaking activities
  • Guided walking tour in the town
  • Brief induction to the programme

2nd Day

  • Introduction to ICT
  • Integration of ICT in education
  • Practical examples of ICT use in schools/colleges
  • Crafting engaging multimedia content such as videos using Adobe Spark or PowToon
  • Introduction to virtual whiteboard tools (miro.com)
  • Using Google Classroom in conjunction with Explain Everything Whiteboard

3rd Day

  • Engaging tools to captivate an audience
  • Interactive presentations with Prezi or Ment????
  • Incorporating quizzes into lesson plans
  • Using platforms like Quizzlet, Kahoot for digital learning group activities
  • Implementing gamification techniques in the classroom

4th Day

  • ICT Tools for efficient classroom management
  • Hands-on practice in creating animated slideshows
  • Developing personal websites or blogs
  • Utilising Padlet as a social learning community

5th Day

  • Exploring iLearn, blended learning, and the flipped classroom model
  • Establishing an e-learning classroom page
  • Crafting lessons centered around videos (questioning and discussion)
  • Utilising tablets for classroom learning

6th Day

  • Understanding social media in educational contexts (jbcnschool.edu.in)
  • Exploring additional ICT tools and apps for teaching and education
  • Identifying the benefits of social media in education
  • Exploring 12 ways to use social media for educational purposes (sproutsocial.com)
  • Demonstrations: “Tap and Talk” – interactive pen demonstration
  • Utilising Facebook for broadcasting, streaming lectures, and class message boards
  • Implementing Twitter for class communication and using Instagram for visual essays
  • Setting up a class blog for discussions and assigning blog posts as essays
  • Integration of social media links on the school website for event sharing and photo galleries

7th Day

  • Course summary, feedback, and final evaluation
  • Discussion on future collaboration and planning, Q&A session
  • Presentation of learning outcomes and certification ceremony
  • Exploration of ICT and innovative technologies