Why learn German: Over 119 million people worldwide speak German, 101 million Europeans have German as their mother tongue. German is the first language in Europe and the tenth in the world. Whoever speaks German has a lot of potential to improve his life.

Science and research: German is considered the world’s second most important language in studies, research and science. Learning German comes with additional benefits, as GOETHE INSTITUT degrees offer scholarships and training programs every year.

An international career: Knowledge of German improves career prospects, as direct consultation with German partners in their native language makes negotiations more successful and communication more effective.

Communication and culture: German is today the second language in use on the Internet. Every tenth book is printed in German. Goethe-Institut certificates are valued by all. For example, “Zertifikat Deutsch” is a prerequisite for acquiring German citizenship. Entry into German Higher Education Institutions and attendance at pre-university courses requires the possession of a German degree.