French is the language of culture.

It is the language that is spoken on all five continents. 45 countries and over 170 million people worldwide, speak French.

It is the language that leads to a B2 diploma, equal to B2 certificate, in 4 years, with only 1-2 hours of teaching per week. Additionally, its adoption in Primary school is easier than in Junior highschool.

Also, a 1-2-hour program per week is suitable for a working adult who would like to refresh the language or even get a certificate.

It is the language of business, a study language in French-speaking universities (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada), where attendance is free, the language of culture and the basic language to learn Spanish or Portuguese more easily. It is also the second official language of International Organizations such as UN, NATO, Médecins Sans Frontières, etc, and so thousands of officials, officers and soldiers in different parts of the world learn French.