French Language Courses

French is the language of culture. It is the language that is spoken on all five continents. 45 countries and over 170 million people worldwide, speak French.

Within a span of 4 years, learning French can lead to attaining a B2 diploma, equivalent to a B2 certificate, with just 2 hours of weekly teaching. It’s notably easier to introduce French into primary school curricula compared to junior high school settings.

For working adults seeking to refresh their language skills or obtain certification, a 1-2-hour weekly program suffices as a suitable option.

Notably, French serves as a language of commerce and is a fundamental study language in universities across French-speaking nations such as France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada. Attendance in these universities is free, making French an advantageous gateway to exploring Spanish or Portuguese with greater ease. Furthermore, French serves as the second official language in International Organizations like the UN, NATO, Médecins Sans Frontières, and many officials, officers, and soldiers globally opt to learn French due to its prevalence and significance in various regions.