Education & Technology

Technology in the Classroom

Following the latest developments in the field of educational technology, our school is equipped with Interactive Whiteboards, which are of the latest technology and fascinate every student, facilitating the learning process.

Students can also use the electronic version of their student book (e-book). Thus, lessons come to life, with videos, vivid images and sound!

Preparation for the Cambridge KET/PET, Michigan ECCE/ECPE exams with mock speaking exams and authentic material, via Zoom is of vital importance. This way, students are well aware of the process before the exam, they know what to expect and we are able to spot their weaknesses and work towards them. Zoom lessons are also available for adult and student courses.

Students are fully connected to a secure wireless network.

At Bourtsoukli Language Centre we believe that technology helps to brush up or practice the English language at any time, so the tools we need are:

  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • E-books
  • Computer lab
  • Educational online Platform
  • Wi-Fi
  • Projectors-computers

Computer Lab

A fully-equipped computer Lab is present as well, specifically covering the educational needs of our students.

Lending library

Our lending library offers a range of graded books, magazines and teaching resources to support, encourage and inspire students to read in English, French and German. Alternatively, students can read online graded readers as members of the Book Club, on our Educational Platform, QLS iLearn.