CAMBRIDGE Digital Exams

Improved Exam Experience Ahead!

Starting February 2024, Cambridge will be shifting from their current computer-based exam system to Cambridge English Qualifications Digital, bringing along a host of added benefits.

Covering levels from A2 Key to C2 Proficiency, Cambridge English Qualifications Digital promise an upgraded exam experience and a quicker, more adaptable pathway to attain a Cambridge English Qualification. These assessments evaluate the same knowledge and abilities as paper-based exams but come equipped with digital features aimed at empowering you to excel.

Key features of Cambridge English Qualifications Digital include:

  • Speedy delivery of results within 5-10 working days
  • Flexible exam sessions available throughout the year (up to 365 days)*
  • Digital tools aiding concentration and control
  • Increased security with randomized test content

During the Listening test, adjustable headphones assist in comfortable listening and concentration.

The Writing test automatically counts words, allowing easy editing of your work.

In the Reading test, you can take notes, highlight text, and review your answers.

The Speaking test is conducted face-to-face, enhancing real-world communication skills.

Preparing for your digital exam:

Despite the different format, these exams assess the same knowledge and skills as our paper-based exams. There’s no need to change how you study using your course materials for the digital exams. To optimize your chances of success, acquaint yourself with the digital experience through practice activities. Discover free resources such as digital sample tests and video tutorials tailored to your level on our exam preparation page.